Susan’s interest in art began at a young age when she saw her father sketching and begged for a turn. From the moment she was given a pencil and paper and shown that these things could be used for images and not just for writing she has had a passion and natural skill for drawing.

Susan is mostly self-taught, independently honing her skills in observing, drawing, and experimenting with colour and style.

Susan is interested in the relationship between embroidery as craft and embroidery as art in its own right. Susan has started stitching into her painted works and merging the two mediums together to create new meaning, as well as experimenting in subject matter for embroidery, and the mixing of techniques, materials, and styles.

Susan has a deep passion for embroidery and she is a member of the Wellington Embroiders Guild. She has contributed to their exhibition at Te Papa, and to many of their charity works.

Susan grew up in Nelson New Zealand where she studied Art in College before going on to further study of Art and Design at Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology. After moving to Wellington she spent a year studying Art History through Victoria University, before transferring to Toi Whakaari dance and drama school where she studied design for stage and screen.

Susan has found that these areas of study have allowed her to explore alternate mediums, allowing her to increase her understanding of the technicalities of designing work, telling stories, and portraying meaning and emotion through her work.

Susan is currently working towards a Degree in Communication Management, while also writing her first Novel and Blogging regularly about Art. Susan continues her education in Art through her love of reading, and by regularly visiting galleries and by experimenting with her Art.

Susan lives and works in Whanganui with her husband Andrew, her children Grace and Jack, and her cat Bella.