Bruno Mars

Last week my girlfriend Delwyn and I flew to Auckland overnight to see Bruno Mars in concert.

It was a belated birthday gift to each of us (her birthday is the second of February and mine the 23rd of February).

We hardly ever get the chance to see each other now as she lives in Australia. So, not only was it a nice chance for me to have a night off from parenting, it was also an awesome chance to catch up again girl to girl with no distractions. Oh how I’ve missed it.

At Wellington Airport there is a (relatively) new Louis Sargent stand selling expensive but devine treats. To get our trip started on the right note Delwyn and I decided we would get ourselves one of their desserts and a macaron each. I have only tried macarons once (at McDonalds) and I didn’t like them at all although I’ve always admired them because they just look so pretty. So I thought I’d try one of these macarons because if anyone was going to make a good macaron surely it would be Louis Sargent.

So we got our beautiful desserts and sat and ate them…..

Oh. My. God.

Talk about delicious! They seriously are the sort of desserts that you could eat and eat and eat and never get sick from sweetness. They’re complex looking puddings and just perfect. Even if you pay for that perfection.

When we got to Auckland we rented a car and went to our slightly dodgy accommodation, had some drinks, and got ready.

We decided to get there early so we left basically straight away and went to find food and buy merchandise. Then we waited.

When we got into the concert we were right up the back but almost dead centre.

The opening act, Dua Lipa of “be the one” and “new rules” fame, was amazing! She was super beautiful, as you’d expecy from a model. And her voice was amazing live. Her songs translate really well, almost better, live.

Then after she’d finished there was an extremely long break while they changed the set for Bruno Mars. This seriously seemed to take ages, and I thought ‘man! If I was still doing set design I would definitely habe tried to make this change quicker and easier’.

During this intermission there was old school music playing and a couple of people from the crowd decided to get their boogy on. The seated crowd were cheering and clapping for them. And that was pretty cool. They thought so too because they started playing to that and got a bit annoying.

Heres a short video of them getting their groove on.


Finally, Bruno came on.

I went to Guns and Roses last year who were actually so super awesome!! And clearly more experienced in touring and performing. But Bruno Mars seriously rivalled them.

The crowd was so excited by Bruno and were screaming so loud that for the majority of his songs I could hardly hear him at all.

What I did manage to hear was so good though. His voice is so strong and flexible. And he really can dance!! Like with Dua Lipa his voice sounds as good as it does on his cd. If not better.

Even the guy next to me, who was there with his girlfriend but appeared quite happy to run away and marry Bruno, was singing to every song, filming, and near crying with joy. It was as if his girlfriend wasn’t even there.


Delwyn and I just couldn’t stop questioning how it must be to be either of these artists. Coming to a small remote country and being one person commanding such large audiences. Bruno must have been feeling the same way because his beautiful self ended by thanking everyone, saying what an awesome crowd we were (why yes thank you) both of these being fairly standard practise, but then he added how grateful he was as he felt that performing for us was such a huge opportunity for him. Thats not something I’ve heard before from an artist. And I felt that it really showed that this guy felt like just a guy and really was down to earth and humble in his amazing talents.

The following day we had around 6 hours to kill. Both of us, being the oldies we are, were very sleepy. I was awake all night, uncomfortable and just ramped up after such an awesome performance. So we went and did our old school thing of McDonalds breakfast, a small spot of shopping, and then took a trip to MOTAT.

What an awesome place! We spent ages playing on old school Arcade games, for free, put our photos up on this huge projector thing, and took a trip down memory lane looking at old school things like abacuses, those roundy roundy phones, and old style tvs.

We then had lunch, and were feeling sleepy as, so decided to go see “games night” at the movies. Such a hilarious movie!

Isn’t it interesting though, that back when I was a teenager, any time day or night the cinema would full to overflowing with people despite the movie you were watching. Even at the Auckland cinema there was only us and two other people in the whole cinema for that show. How times change!

Anyway, we flew home and even though I loved and was grateful for my time away I was so happy to be back home, with my family, in my own home.

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Bruno Mars

Last week my girlfriend Delwyn and I flew to Auckland