General update

Boy! What a fantastic and full on month it’s been for me here.

Several things to update you on:

1) I have had my work accepted as part of an art Gallery’s regular sellers. So I have been producing art of the bird variety to sell through Van Helden Art Gallery in Days Bay Lower Hutt. I am so thrilled and excited about this!
Do visit the gallery to purchase art and to view my work in person.

2) from the above success I have had another Gallery in the Canterbury region (Caley Hall’s art gallery) get in contact and ask for me to produce several farm bird paintings to present and sell through his Gallery. So I am also busy busy collecting material to work from and producing work for that.

3) I had entered the Parkin drawing prize competition this year with two works (Romy, and Peacock) but neither were accepted. Oh well! Try again next year. 🙂

4) I have also presented my work in Artist International magazine’s online wildlife competition with peacock and cock-a-doodle-doo to you sir as the entries. We shall see how we get on with them.

As you can see, my focus is on producing work for sale and presentation and in getting my work presented to a wider public. I have also displayed my work on deviant and artist As well as my facebook page.

Here are some of my recent completions, and works in progress.


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When I am lost you lead me home.
this was just a quick playful drawing I whipped up. It is for sale. But is just a fun sketch. I might make it into something maybe cards or something.


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these are peacock and cock-a-doodle-doo to you sir. Framed and almost ready for delivery to van helden gallery. Just needing the matt board cut wider to see the signatures.


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Tui in the Flax
This has also been framed and will soon be delivered to Van helden gallery.


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Red Sky at Night
this was a fairly quick painting using gouache, acrylic, and indian ink on watercolour paper. It is not for display anywhere at present. But is available for sale should you want to buy it.


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this is a work in progress. He’s pretty amazing to sketch actually. So many colours and details to work into him. He will be for Van helden Gallery too when he is finished.


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White Rooster
This is a work in progress oil on canvas. It will be for Caley Hall’s gallery when it is done. I’m just waiting for the coats to dry before adding final layer of white to the rooster and final details. And then the background. Which I think will be very painterly.

Anyway. That’s all my work. I hope you like. Do feel free to comment or message me. Particularly if you are wanting to present my work in a gallery, to buy work, or to commission work.

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