Happy birthday to me

It was my birthday on Friday.

I know! Happy Birthday to me.

I turned 31.

I’d always said to myself that I thought my 30s would be the greatest years of my life. They would be the years when I had it all sorted. When I would be comfortable, confident, and sexy in my own body. Now that I am 31 I feel comfortable and confident. I am enjoying my 30s so far though.

My 31st birthday was great. Nice and relaxing with loads of messages friends and family wishing me well. And I turned up home to finally get a piece of the gorgeous Hoglunds Art Glass.

I’ve been waiting for a piece of this beautiful blown glass for around 15 years now ever since my parents gave some as a gift to my cousin on his wedding. I had thought that surely on my wedding day they would gift some to me as Hoglunds Art Glass is their staple wedding gift. But no cigar.

But then I arrived home from picking up  Grace to find a box by my door.

I knew instantly what it was as it said on the package, and my heart started beating wildly. Finally my time had come!

Even though I hadn’t seen what particular piece was in the box I knew I loved it already.

Then after taking my time. Savouring every second of opening that marvellous box. I open the lid. And there on top is the information about the glass.

And then underneath. The glass itself.

Carefully, I slid the glass out of its extremely carefully packed nest and finally I can see that Art Glass’s full beauty.

It is so stunning. I love it so much. Apparently my sister was given one basically the same except a blue/ green colour. Anyway. What better gift for a 31st?!

My husband bought me the book I wanted (Jojo Moyes’ latest “still me”) and a box of roses chocolates that my daughter ate basically all of.

And months ago I bought myself tickets to go to Auckland with one of two of my best friends to go to Auckland to see Bruno Mars in concert. Delwyn, my bestie, arrived today and we are flying to Auckland tomorrow returning on Wednesday night. I’m so excited to spend time just with her and not with kids or anything tagging along. But I’m also nervous. It will be my first night away from Jack. Andhe isn’t taking a bottle well. ? Lets just hope that when I’m gone he just takes the bottle whether he wants it or not.

On Sunday Jack and I participated in the first ever Plimmerton fun run 5km. It wasn’t a timed event. And we just walked it. But it was pretty enjoyable. Just an out and back type walk along the Plimmerton Waterfront. It was a shame that the wind was so strong. But otherwise a really nice morning walk. And well organised and run. Though I think there is much to be improved on as the event is run yearly.

Also my studies officially started today. Lets hope I can manage the workload. I guess the proof will be in the pudding now.

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