I’ve been slacking on the posts

Oh boy. I’ve just noticed how extremely poor my blog updating has been. So here I am getting back to posting.

I started work at Art Frames in Kenepuru about 12 weeks ago and I’ve been really enjoying handling artwork three days a week that don’t belong to me. As well as the challenges of learning a new skill. Some of the awesome stuff I’ve been working with (or the highlights so far) are the 9 stunning photos from dutch artist Henreik Kerstin which had been donated to the Dutch embassy, each of which were worth $25k! They were stunning and based off the dutch masters’ paintings. You should definitely google this artist to see some truly spectacular photography. Also we have had an original Groucho knife come in for framing. And 2 original Picasso prints. Crazy!!
Also excellent is getting the opportunity to meet and talk to several artists and collectors as well as other amazing people from the art world. I’m totally loving it!!

In terms of my art, I did not place in the Pataka Art awards, nor was my art sold at it. However it was hung proudly in the gallery and looked fantastic (in my opinion.)


Here are a couple of images of my work hanging in Pataka.

Also coming up are the Paraparaumu Rotary Art awards which I plan to enter three of my artworks into. So I have been working hard getting paintings ready. Here are the works going into the competition.

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I’m also, during all of this working on getting something ready for entry into the NZ Art show next year. So that will be my next big tasks. Hopefully I can get something together in time. I really want to be a part of this show next year.

Anyway. Thats about the extent of where I’m at with my art right now. So I shall fly away.

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