MAS Life drawing class

Just got home from my second session of life drawing with Mana Art Society. I just want to say life drawing classes are SO beneficial! Being able to get something down quickly, and not being too precious about what you do is important for being able to practise your drawing, to experiment with new ideas, and to practise looking and making decisions fast.
Something to work on is keeping the freedom of movement in more carefully worked paintings and drawings.

Here are the drawings from tonight. The model is Virginia.


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20 seconds charcoal on A1 paper


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20 seconds A1 Charcoal on paper


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20 Seconds Crayon on A1 paper


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20 Seconds Charcoal on A1 paper


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20 Seconds Charcoal on Paper A1


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20 Minutes A1 Charcoal on paper


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20 Minutes A3 watercolour crayons on paper


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20 minutes A1 Charcoal and Conte on Paper


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20 Minutes A1 Charcoal and Conte on paper

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