Paint paint everywhere.

I’ve been doing a load of thinking recently. There’s been a lot of stuff happening in my personal life and it has me thinking about where I am going with my art, and what it is I’m wanting to say.

If you see a bit of a shift in my art, then I hope you bear with me, and keep coming along for the ride.

I’ve been taking this whole art practise more seriously over the last wee while, and have been finding peace in the practise of art, and through self expression through art. Also just in getting done some of the things I have had spinning in my head lately. And seeking solace in researching more into other’s art practise.

I’ve also been thinking more about how to go full time into art, and fingers crossed I can start working more closely to get to this stage in the next few years. God knows it’s time.

So what I’ve been working on. This one is one I have had sitting there to do for quite a while. It was done in one day, with a few touch ups the following day – note the mouth has been corrected. I also am going to stitch some 3D butterflies to have flying around her, so that will be exciting to get those done.

Here are the photos.

priginalgirlsketchofgirlThis is Morgan, The daughter of my husband’s cousin. This is the starting point for the artwork.

This is the sketch for the work, and gave me the reference for size and layout and shapes. My sketches don’t tend to give me as much information as a lot of other people’s initial sketches have.


almosttheregirl First I started with the face and features of the face. I left it overnight at the point where she has no hair. I find that it is useful to take a photo of your work and to keep viewing it overnight, or over the next few days, just to see where the mistakes are. Having it in photo form rather than only viewing your work in its real life form means that you almost get the chance to view your work how someone else sees it. I find it is useful to study it in another format.

And this is where the work is up to currently. This is without the butterflies stitched into it. But I imagine them flying around her head where the swirling colours are. I think it should be quite a special painting when it is done. Even though I am still not overly happy with how similar to Morgan the picture actually looks. There’s something not quite correct in the expression. But I’m actually ok with that. This work is more of a fun work, that I was wanting to play a bit with.


I have also started stitching into my girl on a bike work. Which excites me a lot, and I think the stitching is just going to be so cool. But unfortunately the stitching is over quite a large area and is going to take some serious work to do it. But that’s ok. Just one stitch at a time. And we will get there eventually.


I also sketched up another work that I have been thinking about for a wee while too. Its of a girl from my ante natal class who got Post Natal Depression and ended her life tragically while her son was still very young. This work is about that girl and her boy. I won’t say too much more about it. But here is the sketch at this point. She also was an artist, so I will be incorporating some of her work into the piece.


2 thoughts on “Paint paint everywhere.”

  1. Wow, you\’ve really captured the spirit of the little girl. So neat! And I love that you\’re moving towards making art full-time. I recently spoke with a painter, Ania Witwitzka, who was actually able to start making a full-time living with her art six months ago, and she said she learned how to do the whole \”business\” part of it via courses she took on (not an affiliate link). Might be something to check out.

  2. Thanks so much for sharing the link Amanda! I\’m always interested in ideas for making Art a full time business.

    And thanks for the positive comment on this painting. I haven\’t been overly pleased with the final result of that one. Maybe when it has the butterflies it will be a little better.

    The challenges of being an artist. Enjoying your own work once its finished…

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