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I’ve bee. Working my tail feathers off lately. Getting myself ready for competitions and requests and things. And also with now working at Art Frames in Porirua. Which I must say is very useful. And exciting. i love working with so many fabulous pieces of art, with conservators, artists, collectors, galleries and just generally getting amongst it all.

Here are some of my new works:


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Helen in the Gardens. Oil on canvas panel. This is for the Paraparaumu Rotary club art awards this month.


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This is a picture of my work hanging at the Pataka Art Gallery in Porirua where it was selected for acceptance into the Friends of Pataka Art Award. It is also for sale there if you want to buy it.


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I made this large Frieda Kahlo cushion for Claire at work as a housewarming gift. I thought you’d like to see it.


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This is my new paint storage toolbox. SO EXCITING and professional.


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All the canvases I’ve prepped and started working on. Keep an eye out for updates.


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One of the works in progress. This one will be entered into the rotary art awards this month.


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My twenty minute sketches from life drawing last week. First time in several weeks I manages to get along to it.


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Thanks for checking out my site. And please do visit again soon.

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I adore and practise Art and Embroidery. I blog about Art, trying to encourage open communication through the creation of Art and discussion about Art.

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