Sincere apologies for the lack of posting

So I have been off work for the last month or so now.

The last post I wrote was about my plans for this year, and a download of the events of last year.

Since that post there has been a huge amount of things going on, and I’d love to share them with you now.

As I think I mentioned in my last post towards the end of last year I endured a miscarriage, and was pretty heartbroken about that, but was moving through it. Surprisingly, as I was writing that post about how I wanted this year to see me pregnant again, I was actually already sitting there pregnant with a new baby. Very pleasing to say the least!

We are having a boy in the next 2-4 weeks. And I will certainly keep you all posted once baby does arrive! eeee!

So here I am no longer working at MAS for the next (hopefully) year – lets see how the finances hold out. And I am starting to plan how I am going to use that time between, wee Gracie – now 4 years old, and the new baby. I’m aware there is going to be a lot less time available to me, but I am hoping to use this upcoming year as productively as possible, working on various art projects, blogging more regularly on this site, and on my wordpress site about art in general. And visiting galleries and making a bit more of a name for myself in the art world, so that when I do go back to work, it is only until my art things are profitable enough for me to work on them full time.

During the last 4 weeks (has it been 4 weeks??) of maternity leave, I have read several books about managing a baby and a business, about how to make Art profitable (I would recommend the book Art Inc if you are interested in this) and about art theory in general. This has all led me to believe that actually as long as I am not being all hoity toity about my art and being realistic that there has to be a certain amount of making my art more commercial, along with the making it meaningful and all arty farty then I can actually make money from my art practise. I can actually do this. And it is time to get serious! Well, Grace is going to be going to school next year and I really really want to be able to take her to school, and pick her up in the evenings. What is life if it isn’t enjoying your family, and enjoying your work, and enjoying all parts of your life?!

So, today I got excited again. Over the last couple of weeks Grace and I have been crafting together, we made a bird feeder last Thursday and I was excited to see today that we had 7 (thats right SEVEN) Tuis gracing us with their extremely noisy and untuneful presence. This is among all the other smaller less impressive birds that have been hanging around over the last few days.

We’ve been visiting Pete’s magical wonderful emporium (in Porirua – the best place ever to get your creative juices flowing for not too much money) and picking up craft supplies. This had been mainly to occupy Grace with things I can manage being that I am heavily pregnant and fairly immobile right now. But it has had the effect of bringing me back to my creative centre after so long working in a fairly uncreative office environment (uncreative in terms of making things, creative though in the sense of coming up with ideas and things).

This weekend I spent colouring in, and I have been working on my huge cross stitch.

I have a plan to enter the Adam Art awards this year. And have spent the last month or so pondering what I want to submit as my entry. Today I actually started doing some initial plans, gestural sketches, and layout sketches for the work I want to paint up (But I’m not going to show you just yet), and this has seriously excited me to dig it in. Entries close start of December so I feel I have plenty of time to get something together. This time I’m working from life too, so pretty excited to see if I can actually pull this off.

I also finished a christmas colouring sketch that I started ages ago and never finished. And now with this one finished again I am inspired to keep moving forward.

Anyway thats it from me for now. I’ll talk to you all again soon. Hopefully!

This is the baby shower cake that my good friend Delwyn made for me. She is super talented as a chef, and clearly as a baker too.

This is Grace’s 4th birthday cake. Grace, me, and my great friend Belinda made this for her. She is obsessed with horses, and her birthday party was at Trickle Creek farm park where they do horse rides, and petting zoo. Honestly, if you haven’t been there, you need to go. Its such a great place! Awesome for a birthday, or other party, educational, fun, and basically the same costing as somewhere like Chipmunks, or Laughalots.

And my sweet wee Grace with her beaded necklace and pom pom crown she made. First time threading beads.

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