So it’s Christmas….. nearly.

Yay the christmas season is upon us, and WOW! what a season its been.

Last weekend, or maybe it was the weekend before, Andrew, Grace and I set up our Christmas tree and all the decorations around the house. The house really is feeling very festive now, and really cheering us up.

Here are some images of some of the decoration we have up around the house.

We have the main tree in the lounge, a little tree in Grace’s room (and she has lights in her window) and various decorations through the house. Andrew has even strung lights outside the house!! So Beautiful!!

Aside from getting into the christmas spirit a bit, I have also been working on all the usual things, but I’ve also been working on a new idea (for me) a Christmas Colouring Book. It won’t be ready by this Christmas, but hopefully by next Christmas or the one after it’ll be ready to be sold – if I can work out how to get them published….

So I’ve started just with a few images, and I have ideas for loads more. But the idea is that the images are less zentangle-ish, and more traditional scenes of Christmas. Things that you could colour and then hang on your wall, or use for a Christmas card or something.

Here are a few of my initial drawings, which may change down he track – I keep studying them, pulling them apart, and then re-doing them.

Its a lot of fun. If nothing else…..

I hope you can see the images. They’re just pencil sketches at the moment. Once I have them finalised in draft form I will darken them with ink.

Let me know your favourites, and what other Christmas images you’d like to see in a colouring book like this….

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