The Run down from 2016 – and Start up for 2017

Well, 2016 has certainly been a year!

If this his year has shown us nothing else it has shown us what strength we have as humans and how resilient we really are when faced with trials, fear, and uncertainty.

This is time last year I was reflecting on the year that was 2015 – as I do at the end of every year – and the thinking forward to the year that was still to come 2017. And in my plans I had suggested that I was going to begin getting focussed on my future and start building towards that. I wanted to complete the first draft of my novel, and I wanted to tick somethings off my bucket list. From that list I didn’t finish the novel unfortunately, but did write a little bit more and got to know my characters a bit more thoroughly. I ticked several things off my bucket list like running the x-terra challenge, and seeing Elton John in concert, and getting the tickets I need to see guns n roses in this coming February. I began studying and have certainly focussed myself towards my future. I had also said that I would try for another child with Andrew which happily began as a pregnancy in the middle of the year, but didn’t progress as far as one would hope it to.

So at this very stage in my life I am at a point of seeing exactly where I am in my life. And these are the things about my life to point out at this time:

  • I am extremely happy in my life right now. So in love with my husband, and loving being Mum to my beautiful little Grace.
  • I have started studying extramurally towards a degree in Communications Management with a minor of Media Studies. And so far have completed one paper and got halfway through a second which I am completing over summer school. I’m actually doing very well at this, and feel like I have finally hit the nail on the head in finding something to study towards that I will use and enjoy and that can sustain a good living, and lifestyle for my family and I.
  • I had been volunteering throughout the year with the Tawa Community Patrol and had been enjoying this however gave it away for a time when I fell pregnant. Since finding that I am no longer pregnant I have felt that this particular volunteering, though obviously a good thing to do for the community, is not conducive to where I plan to be in the future (anymore – I don’t see myself working for the police any longer) and it was another constant stress as to trying to find the time to go out and trying to recover from the late nights. So I won’t be starting to do this again anymore.

So then what is the plan for 2017? Well I’m not sure but these are the things that I am thinking of, and since I have realised that everything can change in a moment, here is the plan as it stands so far.:

  • I plan to live 2017 in a way where there is less stress. I want to look at the things I am doing and take the extra stuff I don’t HAVE to do out, or at least cut back the amount of extra stuff I am doing. People can never believe the things I do in my spare time. I am constantly getting “how do you ever fit all that in where do you find the time?” But for me, having been a life coach for so long, I just work to the quote by H. Jackson Brown “Don’t say you don’t have enough time. You have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Pasteur, Michaelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein.” But this year I plan to realise that there is time. It doesn’t have to be done today, or this year, or even next year.
  • This year I am going to be healthier. I hope for this to include losing weight, but in general I plan to be healthier. Go out running again, or at least walking, and tramping and things on the weekends. I plan to go out and swim in the river or at the beach when I can, and run around with Grace.
  • I am going to be social. Andrew and I have been talking about how we have been so busy setting ourselves up, that we have forgotten to enjoy ourselves or our friends. So this year we plan to work really hard on doing things together, and being social with friends. We are going to have people around for drinks more often, or for dinners. We are going to go to he river with friends, or to do things with friends, or just stop by to visit friends. We plan to make new friends. And get to know the friends that we have currently better, and renew some of our old lost friendships.  So that is more or less the end of the general goals for 2017, and now for the specific plans.
  • This year will be my 30th year on earth. To celebrate this milestone – which for me I had always thought my 30s will be the time when I know who I am and what I want, it will be he time when my confidence grows, and I become who I always was meant to be. So to me getting to 30 is a big one and the start of a ten year period that I have always been excited about. Andrew and I are going to go away to Taupo and spend a week relaxing and adventuring together. My birthday is in February, but we will probably have to go late in 2017.
  • I will keep studying slowly this year, and begin focussing in on the area that I want to work in permanently. So this will involve looking for opportunities that will give me experience in writing, communications, or anything else that could possibly be my final area of work.
  • I am going to get more active in the art community and visit more artists writing about their work, and any exhibitions that are on, and begin making plans for my full art plans. By the end of 2017 I might also have taken a couple of art workshops. I will continue blogging about art, and begin thinking about and taking notes for my first art book. And I will continue researching about all the different areas of art.
  • I am going to get myself a dog this year. I have been waiting for years and years to have a dog, and this year will be the year it happens and is successful. In 2016 Andrew and I did adopt a dog but he turned out to not be suitable for our family. He kept running away, even when we were playing with him, so we returned him to the SPCA (unfortunately, and very sadly) but this really was the best outcome for us, rather than constantly paying for pound fees, and being stressed to the max.
  • We will get our finances sorted. Last year we got some budgeting advice from enable me. However unfortunately the advice wasn’t good- it didn’t actually fit with what we earn and they disappointed us/ didn’t work for and with us on several other areas too. So we have discontinued using them for help, and have re-jiggled our finances so that they will actually work for our needs. We are feeling hopeful that this year will see ourselves getting ours lives back into the green from where we were during the period of me losing my job right before having Grace. We are already well on the way towards that, but we are now both on the same page and focussed towards joint goals.
  • I will continue working on my adult colouring book. And I will continue working on my novel. 
  • I will continue creating artworks, slowly. And I will do more practise type art. Quick works, and sketches rather than always doing big finished pieces.

I think that about sums up what we are planning for the year ahead. Let’s see what 2017 throws at us.

Best of luck everyone!

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