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I’ve been away a long time from here. But while I’ve been away I have worked on a bunch of stuff.

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Here are few examples of embroideries that I have worked on since I have been away from blogging. All of these have been made from patterns designed by other people. Congratulations to my sister on her two beautiful boys that she has had between now and the last time I blogged properly. – gosh its been a long time. But lets catch up again.

The last image is my current work – it is going to take several years to get through as it is 46 pages long!!! I am stitching it one page at a time, and each page seems to be taking a few months to stitch up.

IMG_0564Bellcolouring Birds Bow Cinderealla colour dovecolour Lillies Pattern1 Waterburst wreath

As well as my stitching and art, I have also become quite involved with colouring in. I have several adult colouring books, and I love relaxing with them and practising colour combinations. My dad is constantly telling me he would rather I create something new rather than wasting my time colouring in. But I see colouring in as something relaxing, and something where you can experiment with colour combinations, and creating a sense of atmosphere without having the pressure of ruining something that you have spent hours drawing before. As you can see, my daughter has also helped me with my colouring in. It’s nice to work together on something. And other times it is not nice to work together on things.

Aside from working on other people’s creations, I have also worked on a few of my very own.

Grace asleep

This is a quick sketch that I did of my daughter while she slept on the chair next to me. She looked so sweet I had to capture the moment.

I also had a pretty major commission where I was asked to design and make a crewel embroidery cushion for the client’s mother. My client provided me with various images that they liked and from these I managed to come up with the below sketch.


I started by sending the above sketch to my client to ensure that he was happy with the base sketch.

He was. coloured drawing

From here I started working colour into the sketch and at the same time thinking about how I would want the colours stitched together. The resulting image is above. threads

Then I had to choose the materials. Here are the chosen colours against a black fabric, which I had thought would be my choice. But in the end I went with a grey fabric. drawn

Then it was time to transfer the sketch onto my fabric so I could begin stitching. This was a process of photocopying the sketch, pressing holes around all of the lines of the drawing, then using pounce across the images (essentially a powder that goes through the holes and transfers to the fabric). I then had to use watercolour paint to go over all the pounce lines so they became permanent while I stitched. This was a huge process taking loads of hours. 2 days in fact. ontheway2

Then I started stitching. and stitching. and stitching. It took me around 3 months from being sent the request, to being finished completely. This can be a quick process, and I do stitch fast, so if you are interested in commissioning a work like this, then please do contact me. ontheway

The finished stitching showing detail and the flat full work. birds6 birds7 birds4

Here is the finished cushion.

Birds cushion1 birds2 birds3

The client was very satisfied and showed it to everyone he could. He could not take his eyes off the work. The thing with this kind of cushion, and embroidery is that there is so much texture in it, it feels so good to rub your hands across the surface, so stitching becomes satisfying to the touch.

I am currently working on a large sized painting of my friend Emily Belle. This image is very Pop arty (which I just love). I’m still a little way off. I still need to add details to the motorbike and I plan to stitch into the artwork on the left hand side of the painting. Some roses, and tattoo-style bird. I just love how strong Emily looks in this painting, even while she manages to look seductive on the motorbike.

IMG_8986 IMG_9139
IMG_1246 IMG_1247IMG_1242

Keep an eye out for more artworks. I plan to be getting through a bit more work in the coming wee while. But as you might guess I am quite busy, so the artwork is going a lot slower than I might otherwise hope. my first steps will be to complete my painting of Emily and then we will see.

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