Working hard this weekend.

This weekend I spent some of the time working on my degree. Its nearly the end of semester when I’ll be sitting a couple of exams. Looking forward to getting to the end of this semester so that I can look forward to Christmas and planning for Christmas festivities. Christmas is my favourite time of year!

Other than studying, I have also finished off my Girl on a Bike painting, and pulled it off the board ready to be stitched. I also sketched up the areas that I plan to stitch. I’m actually a little apprehensive about stitching into it. Who knows how it will go or look. I guess worst comes to worst I can always start from scratch again.


Here are the areas that I have sketched into. So you get an idea of where I am going with this.


So other than that I have also spent some time today, buying more art supplies. A new canvas, some black gesso, and some new oil paints. Always brings joy to my heart going to buy new art things.

I also spent time sketching up, and then gesso-ing ready for painting a new work that I have been intending to do for a long time now. I’m very excited, and its lots smaller than what I normally do, so hopefully it won’t take too long.


And this is the image it is taken from.


I also have started preparing myself for another major work that I have been thinking of for a few weeks. And I look forward to getting stuck into that one too.

This is something I did at work the other day when I was a little bored. My friend had a jersey with one of those thumb sleeves, and I thought it looked like eyelids. So I stuck an eyeball inside it. She’s been texting me telling me it keeps giving her frights. LOL. Hilarious.


And this is my painters top. I think I need to get a new one. Although I used to clean my brushes on it while I was wearing it. A bit naughty, and the reason it is so messy. But its big, comfy, and I don’t mind getting it messy. clearly.


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